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116 St Stephen's Rd
York, YO24
United Kingdom


Amy’s Brightstars Childminding is a home child minding service for children living in Acomb and surrounding areas.



Amy’s brightstars childminding offers home based, family orientated childcare in Acomb and York, with the safety and well being of your child at the heart of everything we offer.

My background

My name is Amy, I have 12 years experience working in childcare along with a BTEC National Diploma in early years and a degree in Education Studies. My experience includes working in a range of settings, including pre schools, school nurseries and private nurseries. I have taken on several managerial roles within these settings. I am now a registered childminder in Acomb.

Safe home childcare in Acomb

I provide childcare in Acomb from my home for children aged between 5 months and 10 years old and offer full day and half day sessions, before and after school care. My childcare in Acomb is provided in my home which is a three bed semi-detached, with a large enclosed garden. The children also have access to a play room, attached living area and a separate dining area.

Exciting activities to help your children develop

I offer a number of indoor and outdoor activities in secure, enclosed surroundings to help your children develop their creativity, individuality and self confidence whilst playing in a secure environment, so that you can go about your day with no worries.

As part of my childcare in Acomb, I follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and use this to plan and prepare activities for the children to take part in. As well as planned activities I provide the aids for free play. Activities include, messy play, painting, play-dough, water play, sand play, dressing up, role play, jigsaws, construction toys, heuristic play, musical instruments, singing, growing things in the garden, exploring, making dens etc. We also go on regular outings to the library, local parks and toddler groups. All activities are carried out in a safe environment because the safety of your child is very important.

Healthy home-made meals

I provide breakfast, lunch and snacks through the day. I aim to encourage children to eat healthy, it is very important to me. I will always consider children’s likes and dislikes while creating menus, as well as making a conscious effort to introduce them to new foods. Any dietary requirements will be considered and drinking water is freely available.

Don’t miss out on their development

A daily diary is provided for younger children in order for parents to share with their child’s day. Information will include activities the child had taken part in, food they have eaten and outings we may have taken.

My opening times are 7.30am until 5.30pm Tuesday to Friday.

Fees are £3.70 p/h.

Call Amy on 07738075122 or email us for more information about childcare in Acomb.